Helpful Tips to Improve Your Next Explanatory Essay

Many subjects in high school or college will require you to write an explanatory essay. As the name suggests, the purpose is to explain a topic given in the subject. The topic may be your choice, or it may be from a list given to the class. 

In both high school and college, explanatory essays are often assigned in History, Humanities, Philosophy, Social Studies, and English. Many teachers believe the essay allows students to study a particular issue in depth.

Not everybody, however, is excited about writing such essays. If this is you, read on to learn how to make an explanatory essay.

  1. Choose a topic that you like and one that has enough resources for support

If your teacher allows you to choose your topic, it makes sense to select something you are interested in doing. But before making that final decision, do some preliminary research to ensure you have enough resources. If there aren’t enough, you will need to choose the next best topic for you.

  1. Research well

Once your topic has been selected and approved, you will need to do some thorough research. Try to have at least five resources. The more you find, the better your paper will be. It will also be easier to write because you have so many sources to draw from.

Researching well also means reading your sources and taking notes. Explanatory essays are not opinion papers. Facts and analysis are required. Taking notes will help you remember everything you have read for future reference.

  1. Create your thesis statement

Once you have an idea of the different angles of your topic, you will then create a thesis statement. This explains what will be discussed in your topic. It should be specific so that your reader knows what to expect.


Although not everybody thinks martial arts is good for young children, many educators and parents have realized that martial arts instill discipline and respect for human dignity, which is why it is now being promoted in elementary school.

Just by reading the above example, it is clear that some negative aspects will be discussed as well as the positive reasons why teachers and parents have realized the helpfulness for young children to learn martial arts.

  1. Make an outline

To ensure the writing process goes smoothly, it is best to outline your paper. This means listing and organizing the arguments you have for both sides of the issue. Include your thesis statement and even the “hook” (such as a catchy anecdote or quote) for your introduction to attract your reader.

  1. Double-check your work

After writing, always double-check your work for errors. This is not only for the usual spelling and grammatical mistakes, but even logical errors or unclear sections that you might notice upon rereading your work. Even professional writers know that they are prone to such errors, so you should prioritize double-checking as well.


The explanatory essay is a great way to learn more about your subject in school. To ensure you do a good job, take note of the tips above so that your paper is written well.